• ●2015/12/24
  • An English version of our catalog is now available.
  • ●2015/10/28~30
  • Green Cross Exhibition 2015: Providing Worker Safety
  • @Teiken booth no. 62
  • COOLING STAR R-1 displayed with trial fitting
  • ●2015/10/14~16
  • Riscon Tokyo: Security & Safety Trade Expo 2015
  • @Teijin Frontier/Teiken booth no. 1J41
  • COOLING STAR R-1 displayed with trial fitting

DECOPOD Waste Container Series
A new dimension of safety and security for the processing and storage of waste
DECOPOD containers can store not only solid waste but also sludge and polluted water without any leakage. The series lineup includes seven models according to what will be stored, such as hazardous waste, virus-contaminated substances, animal remains, and radioactive waste. These large-capacity containers offer a high level of sealing achieved by their proprietary shape and cutting-edge welding technology, as well as the use of long-lasting stainless steel.

Precast concrete (PC) walls are designed to store highly radioactive debris and offer a shielding equivalent to that of a concrete facility. Covering stacked DECOPODs closely with PC walls (thickness: 250 mm) will achieve a level of safety required at final disposal sites and temporary storage facilities. As they can be installed and removed easily, they can significantly reduce the time and cost required for facility construction. They are an ideal solution for storing highly radioactive waste because they can also be moved to a safer place in the event of a major disaster.

COOLING STAR Cooler Series
Dry-type device for next-generation cooling
The COOLING STAR is a dry-type cooler that cools your body by means of air circulation. Its low-profile, compact size allows you to wear it with a wide variety of protective gear. COOLING STAR uses an air circulation cooling mechanism to remove moisture from inside your protective suit and maintain a more comfortable, drier environment to cool your body temperature. As this product prevents the reduction in the faculty and energy use of workers due to heat stress under various harsh environments, it is optimal for use during summer seasons, and for avoiding heat stroke.

Protective Suits
These protective suits are equipped with a cooling system to reduce heat stress. They are made of state-of-the-art composite materials which address various risk factors, and are currently undergoing research and development.

Energy Conversion Element
Leading the resolution of global issues with shielding devices
This shielding material can address a wide variety of wavelengths along the optical spectrum including X rays, gamma rays, neutron rays, electron rays, and ultraviolet rays. The new material will play a leading role in resolving global issues such as alternative energy, radioactive decontamination, environmental pollution, and shielding against electromagnetic waves and ultraviolet rays.